Why Do a Life Story Video?

The expert videographers at Your Life Story Videos can help you record irreplaceable memories and pass them along to future generations. They will interview and work with loved ones to video favorite sayings and stories. The footage is then combined with photos and/or video and music and crafted into a well-told, expertly-edited video that your family will cherish forever. (Read more)

About Connie Doebele

Connie Doebele has 25 years of experience producing and interviewing for the C-SPAN television network, including former Presidents & First Ladies. Years of work in front of and behind the camera make Connie particularly suited for helping clients of Your Life Story Videos capture the most compelling and memorable stories to pass down to their family and friends.(Read more)

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Charlie Browning talks about the
importance of God in his life. 

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Katharine Brown discusses her
passion for history.