Thinking About Your Own Family History

Your Life Story Videos has been launched!  About 50 friends and acquaintances from my new hometown of Staunton, Virginia joined me to celebrate at a reception on Sunday. The local television station came and did a news story about "Your Life Story Videos."  The local radio station had me on their talk show.

If there was any theme I heard in the conversations around the food table today, it was one of regret.   People wishing they had found my business when their mother or father was alive and able to tell the family stories.  They, like me, had the desire to save family history. But the video industry had not yet come far enough to empower individuals to reap benefits from high tech equipment normally reserved for TV and movie companies to preserve their heritage.

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So as you are reading this, take a moment to think about your own family history.  What would it mean if a loved one could be interviewed and that their memories could be saved for future generations?   If this is something that appeals to you, give me a call and we can talk about it.  No pressure.  No obligation. 

Next week I dig in to prepare the Life Story of Charlie Browning.  You have seen portions of his interview here on this website.  Now the family has organized and prepared some old photos for me to put in the interview…to polish up the interview a bit and allow the viewer to experience what Charlie looked like at various stages of his life as his talks about them.